• Industrial book shelf

  • $400.00

  • Description

    This Dreamy Sun industrial bookshelf combines contemporary and modern elements. This multi-functional shelf was designed by Sergio Diaz, along with a full line of other furniture and home goods. He took a minimalistic industrial approach towards the design of this shelf.

    Proudly made in California, the Sergio designed multi-functional shelf can be used in your living room, bedroom, or in a closet. The shelf works with any type of room, but looks best in a minimal and clean environment. This shelf compliments the area around it with great design, adding an appealing component and functionality to any room.

    4 feet length / 1 foot width / 4 feet tall (fully assembled)

    *Only available for sale & delivery in the Los Angeles area (LA, Ventura & Orange counties).

    *Delivery & assembly rates subject to change

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